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Halfway home

I’d considered the topic of my reflection this week a little while ago – many days before I had an accident on my bike which landed me in hospital. Ironically, I was little more than 3km from home when I came off my bike. Well more than ‘halfway home’, I was very nearly home!

I have been blessed this week by the support of our caring school community and the doctors and nurses that tended to my injuries. While my injuries were quite painful, compared to many sitting in beds near me, they were quite minor. It was a reminder of the need for us to count our blessings. As I took a look at the damage my helmet sustained, I am particularly thankful that I live in a country that values safety and forces bike riders to wear helmets.

As we journey through life we are blessed by many different companions. After I crashed, I was tended to by an off-duty nurse, and a good Samaritan picked up my bike and carefully returned it to me a few days later.

In our reading this week we see Jesus being asked to care for others right in the middle of being weary from a boat journey and already having a heavy load of work. Yet when Jesus is asked to help Jairus’ daughter, he does so. People would have forgiven Him for giving this task to someone else or for simply ‘being too busy’ to help. But this is not our God.

We worship a God who extends love and care in all circumstances, regardless of whether the trouble we find ourselves in is of our own making. It is indeed an inspirational love that we seek to follow.

As we live our lives ‘halfway home’ to our eternal resting place, let us demonstrate love and care for all. A love that allows us to put aside our own concerns and do what needs to be done for others in need.

I wish students, parents, staff and our entire community God’s richest blessings during the upcoming holiday break.

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Give praise to the Lord

UntitledThe writing of this principal’s note was accompanied by the rolling countryside between Wagga Wagga and Holbrook and the tired conversations (and occasional snores) of a 5/6 class returning from a wonderful trip to Canberra.

It has been a very busy week for the staff and students visiting Canberra. Ms Clarke made sure that no stone was left unturned and few venues were left unvisited. There were exploding science experiments at the CSIRO, a respectful visit to the War Memorial, a surprisingly amusing time at Parliament House and a very special visit to Government House and that is only to mention a few of the places we visited. It is not only the students who are tired right now!

While we happened to visit Canberra on a August night that was the coldest in the last 20 years each night we slept soundly in warm cabins.

While visits to parliament and lectures about government are not always the most engaging of topics, students were able to appreciate that we live in a democratic country where free speech is protected and valued.

We ate 3 lovely meals a day and enjoyed a variety of nutritious snacks in between. There was always far more than we could eat.

The trip to Canberra itself is testament to the willingness of school staff, especially Ms Clarke, to put in many extra hours to create such successful and enjoyable learning experiences. Ms Clarke was joined by Mr Blenkiron who has for many years donated his time to drive our students safely to Canberra and provide extra supervision. The trip was further supported by Mr Reddish who shared his infectious enthusiasm for learning about government with the students.

Amongst all this we must never forget the one from whom all blessings flow. As the Psalmist writes “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done” (105:1). While it is sometimes hard for younger people to grasp, at SCS we endeavour to ensure students continue on a journey to gratitude. We are indeed a blessed community who want for very little. As Christians, we must always remember that all the blessings that we experience as Australians come from the providence of God. A God who created the land that supported the Aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years. A God who called people from around the globe to travel a vast distance to make a new life in a free and democratic country. A God who continues to walk with us today and will walk with the young people of Australia as they lead our nation into the future.

May the community of Sunshine Christian School never cease telling of the wonderful things he has done, and is still doing, for us.



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