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Term 1 Week 2

Is it that time already? Surely it can’t be! Indeed it is, friends, and here we are almost two weeks into the school year.

How was your Christmas? Your family events? The trips? How did you keep the kids busy? Perhaps the parents in our community felt that the holiday break dragged on and on, but for the staff of our school we have all felt the break has passed quickly.

Our new Prep students have finished their first week of school, while the office has been inundated with applications for our 2017 Prep class already.

New shoes, new shirts, new books, new pencils, new teachers! We are continually reminded of newness this week and this isn’t a bad thing.

As I walked into Ms Clarke’s room on Thursday I saw our grade 2 students at thebeautiful moment of starting a creative piece of painting on a blank sheet. So many colours to choose from! So many shapes to pick! So many creative possibilities.

Lamentations 3:22 reminds us that, “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;his mercies … are new every morning”. What a lovely thought for us to hold on to as the children in our community embark on a new year of learning.

The gift of God is the gift of a blank canvas through the work of Christ; the good news is his encouragement to paint beautiful works on it throughout our lives.

In the year ahead we will all experience both ups and downs, but let us not forget the steady and constant hand of God in our lives. Though we may wander or be distracted from him by the events unfolding around us or the choices we make, God’s gaze does not wander from us. His steadfast love is constant, and his mercy limitless.

May we strive each day to teach our children through example to be mindful of
God’s love, mercy and grace.


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Blank pages

We are off and running on another school year. Teachers are teaching, school support staff are supporting and students are studying!

What a blessing a new year brings. When I spoke to students at our first worship service on Monday morning I talked about the gift of blank pages.

When I was a young man in primary school I used to hate blank pages. Blank pages were something the teachers forced me to fill with endless words, sums and what not. As I was a very serious young student I often found myself staring at blank pages for some time as I often struggled to get started on my work. “If I am going to write something it must be perfect” I would say to myself.

It was a patient teacher indeed who taught me that a blank page was not a punishment or a problem – it is an opportunity to create something new, wonderful, beautiful, challenging or interesting. A blank page does not know what was written on other blank pages. It has no expectations of perfection. It provides a fresh start.

During the Christmas season we celebrated the birth of a man who would provide humanity with a fresh start and new opportunities. We rejoice in Christ’s gift of a blank page to us all.

So many blank pages

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/amypalko/

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