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A way around the ridiculous mortgage idiocy

When I was an intellectually promiscuous doctoral student my eyes happened to fall upon a copy of Henry Thoreau’s, Walden, a fiery “simple living” manifesto, first published in 1854. This book, like no other before or since, ignited in me a shift in consciousness that I can only describe as an earthquake of the soul.

It shook me awake from a deep slumber, opening my eyes to how consumerist cultures were foolishly celebrating a mistaken idea of freedom, leaving people materially rich but too often empty and twisted inside.

We have heard it before. ABS figures show that in 1984 the average wage in Adelaide was $25k with an average house price of $68k. in 2014 the average wage is $66k and the average house being $410k. In 1984 the average salary represented 36% of the average price of a house. In 2014 the average wage represented 16% of the average house price.

I will leave a commentary on the ridiculous current state of fiscal affairs facing younger Australians for later and focus on a reactionary movement that is gathering both momentum and my interest – the tiny house movement.

Samuel Alexander provides a summary of the movement in an article titled Sick to death of consumerism? Find freedom in a tiny house

Now to figure out a way around the price of land to put one on.

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Sunset on the Nile, Egypt. (Photo: T Brennen)

Sunset on the Nile, Egypt. (Photo: T Brennen)

Wow! Is it really the end of week 6 already? Where has the time gone?

With NAPLAN, Edendale Farm excursion, enrolment interviews and what not we have barely had a chance to catch our breath. Now we begin
report writing and have a public holiday soon too! Not to mention the Year 3/4 camp.

Last week we had a great time at Edendale Farm – principal included. We all learnt a great deal about the importance of caring for God’s earth. Fortunately for the current Christian Studies teacher (the principal!) it fitted in nicely with the learning focus this term which is caring for God’s Creation’. Great conversations took place about how we should care for the earth as God gave it to us as a gift. I have seen the flurry of excitement in the classrooms as students have tried to eat better, recycle more, use less electricity and water, and keep things tidy.

Edendale Farm is actually called ‘Edendale Sustainability Farm’ as it is a farm that focuses on doing things in a sustainable fashion. God is very much is the business of sustainability too I think – and not just in the earthly sense.
Without sustainable practices it is possible that the earth will no longer be able to sustain humans. Think about that for a moment. Sustainable practices are needed to allow something to sustain us.

Christians should be using sustainable practices and I don’t just mean looking after the planet. If we move so fast that we don’t allow God to sustain us we cut our selves off from a vital resource. God needs to be our sustaining life force.
When I was working in Egypt I often thought of the following verse from Isaiah “The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom…Water will gush forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert” (Is 35:1-3)

Are we allowing God to sustain us or are we trying to sustain ourselves? The everlasting water provided by God must be our source of sustainability.

May we always be a sustainable people sustained by God.

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Seeing clearly

Kerak Castle, Jordan (Photo R Brennen)

Kerak Castle, Jordan (Photo R Brennen)

This week the students and teachers have been reflecting on the idea of ‘seeing clearly’.

In the Gospel According to Luke we read the very interesting story of Jesus appearing to his disciples.
Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death while they were walking along a road but they did not see that the person that was walking with them was Jesus. Jesus talked with them for some time but they did not see that it was Jesus that was talking to them. Jesus ate with them but they did not see that it was Jesus eating with them. How often do we like the disciples not see Jesus clearly?

This term I have the pleasure of teaching Christian Studies to all the students and the topic this term is ‘God’s Creation and our response to it’. I love engaging students in the study of God’s beautifully complex creation and encouraging students to take responsibility to care for all the parts of it. This week many parents joined us for a parent night which discussed the importance of eating and drinking the right foods to ensure good health in our children. The timing is indeed interesting.

As human beings we are part of Creation and caring for our bodies is an act of caring for Creation. I discovered that my daily Diet Coke could be causing me to do damage to my body. I see clearly now that I could be looking after God’s Creation a little bit better.

There is a beautiful prayer that Lutherans use in worship. “Most merciful God, we confess that…we have sinned against you in thought, word, and deed, by what we have done and by what we have left undone.” It is indeed a merciful God that forgives us even when we do not see our actions clearly.

I pray that God will bless us with clarity in order for us to see and do what needs to be done to fully care for God’s Creation.

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Blank pages

We are off and running on another school year. Teachers are teaching, school support staff are supporting and students are studying!

What a blessing a new year brings. When I spoke to students at our first worship service on Monday morning I talked about the gift of blank pages.

When I was a young man in primary school I used to hate blank pages. Blank pages were something the teachers forced me to fill with endless words, sums and what not. As I was a very serious young student I often found myself staring at blank pages for some time as I often struggled to get started on my work. “If I am going to write something it must be perfect” I would say to myself.

It was a patient teacher indeed who taught me that a blank page was not a punishment or a problem – it is an opportunity to create something new, wonderful, beautiful, challenging or interesting. A blank page does not know what was written on other blank pages. It has no expectations of perfection. It provides a fresh start.

During the Christmas season we celebrated the birth of a man who would provide humanity with a fresh start and new opportunities. We rejoice in Christ’s gift of a blank page to us all.

So many blank pages

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/amypalko/

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SCS newsletter musing week 10

Wow. What a great musical performance we were treated to last Thursday night! It was a joy to be sitting by the side of the stage seeing the students show off their many talents and abilities in order to tell a very important story.

My thanks go to all the students, parents and staff who helped bring the performance to life. A special mention must be made of our director who led the production. Her passion and vision made the musical the success it was.

As I had a quiet cup of tea and a scotch finger (the biscuit of choice for every principal) following the performance I was reflecting on the vision God had for the world in the beginning and how the great flood ‘rebooted’ creation back to something closer to the original form. As the devotion above highlights – obedience to God is not so much about God but about us avoiding the things that can and do ruin our lives.

In the great flood God washed the earth clean and brought a new beginning. Somewhat like the waters of baptism do through the sacrifice of Christ.

It is a great feeling to wake up each morning knowing that this day is a new creation and another chance to love God and his people as much as we can.

May God bless us all.

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