Learn. Care. Achieve

We learn as a community of learners.

We care for ourselves and each other.

We achieve beyond what we believe possible.

We do all this to give glory to God and serve the world in love.


“…only fools despise learning”

Proverbs 1 (Brennen translation)


As a community we have developed a new vision statement for the College and it is the outcome of a collaborative approach by students, parents and staff. Our vision is summarised in three simple yet significant words – learn, care, achieve. In chapel this week our community reflected on what it means to learn. We asked ourselves “What makes a good learner?”

Do good learners:

  • Complete all homework?
  • Turn up to class on time?
  • Wear their uniform correctly?
  • Remember their diary?
  • Avoid picking subjects that they find ‘easy’?
  • Have neat handwriting?

While the above are healthy learner habits, they are not the fundamental actions that make good learners. Studies completed by some very gifted researchers, educators, governments and leaders have found that the most crucial action of a successful learner, is the learner themselves expecting to do well. The second most crucial action is the learner listening to and acting on the feedback given from others.

Successful learners may not get ‘A’s all the time, they will make mistakes and they usually don’t ‘get it right’ the first time’ – but they always commit to getting better.

We learn as a community of learners and as such the staff, parents and guardians of the College have a role to play in being successful learners ourselves. We need to model to students our commitment to learning, that making mistakes is ok, and most of all, showing that learning comes from effort, not from being ‘born smart’.

Take a few moments to consider how a child learns to talk, walk and fend for themselves. God created human beings to learn and it is truly an awe inspiring process. Our job is to humbly walk alongside one another and support each other to commit to get better.

Why bother learning? For me, that question is answered in our new vision. We learn so that we may know how to care for each other, ourselves and the wider world. In doing so, we give glory to God and serve his people.

I am excited about a new term at Lakeside College, and I pray that this excitement for learning will be seen across our community.

May God bless our learning community richly this semester.



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