The Dux

This week I had the privilege of awarding  our College Dux Award for 2016.

What impressed me the most about our Dux was not her impressive ATAR, or her excellent results in German and English, or her grand plans for after she finishes study, it was the manner in which she went about her work in Year 12. She made it very clear
to our students when she spoke at Chapel this week – doing well comes from committing yourself and putting the hard work in.

She spoke about having a goal to do well and clearly scheduling her time to make sure that this happened. She spoke too of the setbacks that occur and how you should not allow those setbacks to get in the way of finishing what you set out to do. She is an example to us all.

A simple glance at the life of Jesus reminds us of the need for steadfast focus in times of trouble, sadness and worry. Among the tumultuous times of Roman oppression, religious persecution and the darker side of human nature, Jesus was a bright light to all, walking steadfastly towards his end goal – the salvation of humankind and restoration to broken relationships.

We all have hopes, dreams and ambitions. Some of great significance and some of small personal meaning. May we look towards our God, who wishes the very best for us and encourages us to use the gifts he has given for his glory and for the benefit of humanity across the globe for our example.

May God bless us all as we seek to do our best for his glory.

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