Term 3 Week 4

“Don’t fear, little flock. Your Father wants to give you the kingdom. Sell the things you have and give to the poor. Get for yourselves purses that don’t wear out. Get the treasure in heaven that never runs out. Thieves can’t steal it in heaven, and moths can’t destroy it. Your heart will be where your treasure is.” – Luke 12:32-34

The students of Sunshine Christian School know well that I am a fan of pirates. To be more specific, I appreciate the kind of pirate like Captain Feathersword from ‘The Wiggles’, rather than the pillaging and stealing kind! As a child I was enchanted by the pirate spirit.

Pirates were bands of people belonging to no particular tribe, country or region. Their one purpose was to come together in groups to seek treasure. Of course the problem was that their treasure was found in gold…and many other pirates would be seeking to do the same. Stories of pirates stealing from each other abound.

The adults in our community know well how easily money comes and goes. A gift of money from a relative so often disappears as our car breaks down, we receive an unexpected speeding fine or the children need a new pair of shoes. Money always goes – it is easily worn out. This is why Jesus encourages us in the reading above to store up heavenly treasure, a treasure which cannot be worn out. Pirates had a great opportunity to achieve something wonderful… were they not so selfish and so focused on earthly riches.

I like to think of Christians as being like pirates. We too come together from different languages, cultures and nationalities. Christ unites us together on the same ship and on the same mission. We are united in seeking to give praise to God for the treasure of eternal life which he has given us. Yet while the original pirates wanted to keep this treasure for themselves, we wish to share this treasure with the world.

The love God has for us is indeed a great treasure and this week let us seek to share the Good News of this treasure with others.

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