Term 1 Week 8

Gentleness and Self Control

So we find ourselves at the end of our journey through the Fruits of the Spirit. So too, do we find ourselves nearing the Easter season which celebrates Jesus’ death and his resurrection.

Mark Doecke, a fellow Lutheran school principal, writes the following:

“So how do you deal with everyday irritations which are mostly just a part of living?
When dealing with the little stuff that irritates and threatens to bring out the worst in us, it’s important we look at the bigger picture. Namely, not be overcome by rubbish, but to overcome nonsense with good.

Or put another way: Learn to be content and thankful with what you have. Contented and thankful people – people who are satisfied with what they have, no matter what their circumstances, don’t get irritated by the small stuff. One of my Bible heroes, Paul, says it this way: “I have learned to be content in every situation. I can do everything God asks me to do with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.” That strength and power is there for you too.”

It is easy for us to get angry and respond to our Christian brothers and sisters in ways that are not gentle at all. Often this even feels good – “to give them some of their own medicine”. But this Easter, let us be reminded of Jesus, who in the face of great punishment was grateful for God’s blessings, and gave up his life in gentleness and selflessness that we may have life to the full.

Christ gives us the strength to bear the troubles of life without seeking revenge and enables us to focus on the many blessings for which we should indeed be grateful.

This Easter season, may God bless us with the gentleness and self-control that Jesus demonstrated to us. May his peace, which passes beyond all human understanding, keep us strong in our faith and strong in our commitment to loving our brothers and sisters.
Blessings, Tom

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