Bringing life

Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you…You show me the path of life”

Psalm 16: 1,2,11

Hasn’t our weather been up and down of late? One day we encourage the students to put sunscreen on and the next we are sheltering inside classrooms to escape pelting rain. One of the things I enjoyed about living in Egypt was that for most of the year it was hot every day; the same temperature for weeks at a time. It was easy to manage because my body was used to it. I knew what to expect.

This time of year the school starts focusing more and more on next year. New students, new staff, new families, new programs. What should we expect? We also start thinking about the ‘old’ – our ‘old’ Grade 6 students will soon become ‘new’ Grade 7 students at their secondary school of choice. I suspect they too are wondering a great deal about what to expect.

None of us who have lived a few years have escaped the ups and downs of life, the good and bad times, the joys and the sorrows. The birth of children, and the death of family or friends. Finding jobs and losing jobs. Achieving many things but failing at some things too. Despite what some may have us think, no one this side of heaven knows what to expect on any given day.

I have often found that the times when I believe I have the clearest picture of how things will unfold are the times when I receive the greatest surprises. I often wish I could see the world with the wisdom of God and know what is to come. While we don’t know exactly what to do each day, we rest in the refuge of God who sees the grand things occurring both now and in the future. His plan for us is to follow his path of life as best as we can every day.

When discussing decision-making with a Jesuit Priest, he told me, “Making a decision is simple. You must ask yourself “Will this bring life to my God and my brothers and sisters? If yes, then proceed.” This is the constant question we must ask ourselves and encourage our young people to ask also – “Will this act bring life?”

God indeed shows us the path of life but we must be humble, listen carefully and take our refuge in his life-giving love. This is the path that we must walk.

May the path of life be clear to us all.

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