Making lists

Making: a habit of reading one book every fortnight this year. Tracking ok with 9 down but I’m a little behind
Cooking: baby eggplant stirfry
Drinking: water with lime and mint. Perfect calorie free drink for the end of a day.
Reading: Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
Wanting: to keep up riding my bike regularly.
Looking: forward to the end of term
Playing: random online games from my past
Deciding: if I should race my bike competitively again
Wishing: long weekends would last longer
Enjoying: a sunny winter day in Melbourne
Waiting: for my wife to finish studying so we can have more time together
Liking: having a tidy house
Wondering: if my workload will decrease in the near future
Loving: feeling ‘more on top of things’
Pondering: my future.
Considering: riding my bike later today
Watching: Outsourced – so sad it only got a single season
Hoping: life can slow down soon
Marvelling: at our dogs’ ability to sleep all day long
Needing: a little more sleep
Smelling: my peppermint tea
Wearing: a comfy dressing gown (seriously dudes, make the change to one)
Following: the Adelaide Crows (who had a nice win at the MCG yesterday)
Noticing: the difference in quality of print vs web journalism
Knowing: the peace of a long weekend will soon by shattered by work
Thinking: about the children of Islamic State – I hope someone is ensuring all children can access education
Admiring: leaders who work long hours and still be there for their families
Sorting: through some old clothing
Buying: a new pair of running shoes – so many good memories in the old ones
Getting: tired of the petty public vs private school debate
Bookmarking: some wonderful blog posts on the Tiny House movement
Disliking: the strong encouragement society provides to remain ‘mainstream’
Opening: up differing worship experiences
Giggling: at knowing Hugh Lawrie has recorded several blues albums – who knew?
Feeling: a wee bit tired from 5/6 camp last week
Snacking: on yoghurt
Coveting: more energy and time for exercise
Wishing: this sunny day would never end
Helping: teachers to become better at what they do
Hearing: Jose Gonzalez’s latest album 

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