Why don’t I make time for exercise?

The man or woman who hates his work scowls at the alarm clock, rolls out of bed with frustration, takes his time getting ready, mopes around the office, counts the minutes to 5pm, turns on the television when he gets home to distract himself, and then goes to bed late only to repeat the cycle tomorrow.

– Joshua Becker

There was a time not that long ago when I would bounce out of bed in the morning for a ride or a run. I might supplement morning exercise with an afternoon swim or ride too. It seems those days are long gone. I used to set goals to drive myself to exercise and what started as 10k fun runs and short triathlons became half marathons and half ironmans.

A great deal has happened since those days which are in reality only 5 years ago. There have been two changes of organisation and two changes of location. Changes of role have led to much less time and energy available for exercise. Often it is the latter which is the demotivator and perhaps this post should really be titled ‘Why don’t’ I make energy for exercise?’

I know exercise helps me be better at what I do. (and for those who don’t agree I urge you to read this)

I don’t believe I mope around school nor do I count the minutes until 5pm. There is far too much to be done to be able to mope around and usually I am counting the minutes I am at work past 5pm! I do find myself getting out of bed in frustration, being unproductive with my time in the morning and watching TV to distract myself at night. I’d like to change that.

I was encouraged by an article recently which encouraged leaders undertaking long hours in their work to spend some time considering what their ideal start to the workday would be. Mine would look something like this:

5.30 – wake

5.45 – 30 minute runIMG_0929

6.15 – 15 minutes stretching/yoga

6.30 – breakfast with newspaper

6.45 – shower and dress

7.00 – walk to school

7.15 – clear overnight emails and set plan for day

7.45 – cup of tea and finish newspaper

8.00 – staff commual prayer

We are about to commence Week 9 of the second term of school and I’m going to try to nail this for the next 3 weeks. Remembering my own advice ‘to be gentle on oneself when commencing a new path’ of course! Join with me #getoutofbedmrbrennen

You can read Joshua Becker’s article which inspired this post here.

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