The Good Shepherd

Last Friday, over 400 staff from primary and secondary Lutheran schools in the greater Melbourne and Geelong regions came together for a conference at Luther College.

Bishop John Henderson (head of the Lutheran Church of Australia) spoke about the mission and challenges facing Lutheran schools in providing Christ-centred education, and exploring what makes Lutheran education special. Bishop John spoke at length about the importance of schools not allowing themselves to fall away from the core of Christian education: providing a caring service to the community.

With increasing government requirements coming from many different areas, it is often difficult for schools to focus on the really important people – the students in our care. We can be so busy doing things FOR students that we don’t have time to be WITH students. I imagine the parents and carers in our school community would understand this struggle well. Wanting to spend time with your children, but having work, church and other commitments claiming your time, effort and focus.

This week Mrs Arena took the time to teach staff about interesting ways to engage students in Science, which she learnt while undertaking professional learning. You can see a photo of us hard at work below. It was a wonderful chance for the principal to remember the joy of learning and to experience the love of a caring teacher who wanted to help him learn; someone who was present to his needs.

As our reading for this week reminds us, Christ is our Good Shepherd and we are his sheep. We may stray from Him, leave the field, eat grass that will make us sick, and change the colour of our wool, but he will stay with us regardless. His presence does not leave us. He is never ‘too busy’ to meet with us.

May God’s presence inspire us to be present with our children and with all of our brothers and sisters in God’s world.


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