Very Important People

2015-01-11 12.01.45Over the break my wife and I were lucky enough to be given VIP passes to watch the cycling championships in Ballarat. We had a lovely time watching the cycling in very comfortable chairs, with a very lovely view and never ending service of coffee and food.

The race went for many hours. While Robyn and I relaxed, the bike riders were working very hard indeed. People kept talking about who would win and the same few names were mentioned. Nobody talked about the rider who would eventually win. It was a great surprise to everyone – even to himself apparently! He didn’t seem to be important enough to mention.

In our Bible verse for this week we read about Jesus healing many people. The text tells us “That evening at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick…and the whole city was gathered around the door.” (Mark 1:29-39) It sounds indeed like Jesus was a Very Important Person. After all, he had the whole city coming to visit him.

The interesting thing about Jesus is that his fame came from serving others. In this particular reading from the Bible it is through Jesus’ time spent healing others, making them well again, that he becomes famous. It wasn’t through winning a race, or by having the greatest political power, or obtaining lots of money – his importance came through his humble service to others.

As we commence another school year let us all fix our eyes on the work of Christ and allow it to inspire us. The young people at Sunshine Christian School are indeed Very Important People to God and may we strive as a community to develop them into humble servants of the world.


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