A way around the ridiculous mortgage idiocy

When I was an intellectually promiscuous doctoral student my eyes happened to fall upon a copy of Henry Thoreau’s, Walden, a fiery “simple living” manifesto, first published in 1854. This book, like no other before or since, ignited in me a shift in consciousness that I can only describe as an earthquake of the soul.

It shook me awake from a deep slumber, opening my eyes to how consumerist cultures were foolishly celebrating a mistaken idea of freedom, leaving people materially rich but too often empty and twisted inside.

We have heard it before. ABS figures show that in 1984 the average wage in Adelaide was $25k with an average house price of $68k. in 2014 the average wage is $66k and the average house being $410k. In 1984 the average salary represented 36% of the average price of a house. In 2014 the average wage represented 16% of the average house price.

I will leave a commentary on the ridiculous current state of fiscal affairs facing younger Australians for later and focus on a reactionary movement that is gathering both momentum and my interest – the tiny house movement.

Samuel Alexander provides a summary of the movement in an article titled Sick to death of consumerism? Find freedom in a tiny house

Now to figure out a way around the price of land to put one on.

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