What a talented bunch

“For it will be as when a man going on a journey called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To one he gave five talents…”

Matthew 25:14-15

‘Talent’ is an interesting word. For us today we use it to refer to a particular skill or gift a person possesses. For example, “John has a talent for singing” or “Jane is a very talented skateboarder.” But in Jesus’ time the word was used as a unit of money.

So it goes in the parable set for this week that a master goes on a journey and leaves an amount of money with each of his servants. The servants do different things with the money. Some invest it well and receive a reward while one, through fear of punishment, does nothing than hide it in a hole.

This past fortnight has been yet another reminder of the wonderful talents that God has given to our students. Across various academic tasks, in art classes (a wonderful example is seen below), on Sports Day, during the visit from the Australian Youth Choir, it has given this principal great pleasure to see all of our students demonstrating their individual and wide ranging gifts to the world.

As I reflect on this parable I am taken aback by our duty as school staff and parents to ensure that the young people in our community don’t bury their talent through worrying what others may think of them. Creating an environment where young people feel safe and supported to explore their gifts is core to what we do at SCS.

In a world that increasingly seems to have little value for talents that do not bring fame or fortune, it is more important than ever for us to celebrate the wide variety of gifts God has blessed us all with. We must know that God always grants us gifts so that we may use these to serve others.

May we remember daily the rainbow of gifts and talents our loving God has given us all.




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