Who do you say I am?

Lovely graphicIn the gospel reading for this week Jesus asks his disciples “Who do you say I am?” The disciple Peter’s response is “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!”

All the school staff at Sunshine are committed to continually improving their practice and this week it was the principal’s turn to pause and
reflect on his work in the school. I thank the staff, students and parents who participated and provided feedback in order to assist me to get
better at what I do.

While I have not seen the report yet I know there will be some encouragement for things that people believe me to be doing well and also some things that I can work to improve.

It is so easy when faced with situations like this to believe that we are only what others say about us. It is so easy to allow our self-worth to be defined by the thoughts of others.

This morning’s assembly was another reminder of the wonderful gifts our students are blessed with. We saw some students receive awards for Mathletics, ICAS Science and ICAS Writing. The 1/2 students
presented their creative representations of the creatures of the oceans. The 5/6 class presented photos showing the many activities that they undertook in Canberra – these photos were evidence of a strong
commitment to looking after each other.

Even so, the worth of our students are not measured in the varied gifts they possess. To follow in the thoughts of the disciple Peter, our students are indeed ‘children of the Living God’. They were infinitely valuable to our Creator before they took their first breath and before they could achieve anything in their own strength.

May we all remember that we are more than what people say about us. We are all precious children of God and have boundless worth to Him.


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