School camps are wonderful!

Photo: T Brennen

Photo: T Brennen

It is interesting to see how students react to learning in an environment away from desks, chairs and iPads. Camps provide unfamiliar situations and challenges too, which allow students to build character traits that support success in life.

Sometimes schools can be guilty of promoting academic excellence as being the central and most important goal in education. I like to think that at Sunshine we place equal importance on developing student gifts and abilities across the domains. We endeavour to celebrate those who demonstrate sporting or artistic abilities just as much as we celebrate high test scores.

Perhaps even more importantly we endeavour to highlight students who demonstrate development of good character. One of the most public ways we do this is by recognising students who demonstrate the school values of persistence, resilience, getting along, organisation, resilience and respect.

This morning at assembly I had the pleasure of awarding each student in the 3/4 class an award for demonstrating one of the values on their camp. Each student at some stage over the two days gave me individual (and collective) reason to be very proud of them indeed.

This week’s lectionary reading comes from Matthew 28 where Jesus calls us to “…make disciples of all nations…and teaching them to obey all I have commanded you”. Jesus finishes while those great words of comfort “Surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age”.

Jesus gives us quite a task doesn’t he! To teach others EVERYTHING he commanded is quite a job but we know our endeavours to encourage everyone in our community to grow in Christ-like character are supported by a God who never leaves us.

May we never cease striving to be Christ-like people

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