A resilient God

Photo: T Brennen

Dividing wall between Israel and Palestine (Photo: T Brennen)

“Resilience is a way to describe the quality of something that goes back to its original form after it has been bent or stretched. It is also a popular term used to describe a psychological quality in people. Resilience has been de-scribed as “the capacity to cope with change and challenge and bounce back during difficult times.” (www.kidshelp.com.au)

Led by a couple of fantastic teachers, our grade 3-6 students can look forward to some wonderful weekly Resilience Program sessions aimed at building this most important skill.

This week the 5/6 class were engaged in a team task that called them to be-come peer educators. Through working together, they created some creative and engaging resources to help them teach and serve others. A key part of resiliency is having the ability to overcome obstacles to complete the task at hand. In this case the obstacles were simply a very short time limit, working in a team and having a very strict task to complete.

Learning to overcome obstacles begins with having correct perspective on the size and significance of the obstacle. Building confidence in overcoming them comes through experiencing opportunities to overcome them. It is our hope at Sunshine Christian School that our graduates know how to face all obstacles in life knowing that failure to overcome an obstacle is not failure, it is an opportunity to try again..

This week brings the church season of Lent. This is a time when we prepare to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us. In Australia, unlike many countries, we can openly run a Christian school without fear of reprisal or discrimination. At my school in Cairo, this was not so. Those in our community that have come from war-ravaged homelands, situations where discrimination abounds or where poverty is endemic, know only too well the more complex obstacles in life. These are obstacles that Jesus understood. He had a ministry of over-coming obstacles – even to the point of overcoming death itself.

We walk with a God whose son walked faithful on this earth for many years with the shadow of death hanging over him. Christ is our strength and our inspiration for being resilient children of God.

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