Stealing contemplative moments

Pages from Nov 2013 JournalAs I began to write this post my colleagues and I were trying to coax a collection of rather excited Year 1/2 students to succumb to sleep at their school sleepover. The seeming impossible achieved, the cool night air and quiet of the deserted schoolyard provides welcome respite.

I was blessed this year to have two pieces published in the Dialogue Australasia Journal – a publication of a wonderful organisation in this region which seeks to promote respectful, innovative, engaging and rigorous religious studies programs in schools across denominations and religions. The first of these articles you can find here and the most recent (and catalyst for this post) can be downloaded here.

The topic is contemplative spirituality in schools – one I have been journeying with for some time now. I have shared a great deal of this before  and the article summarises the material I have been presenting at workshops over the last year or two.

As I say at the beginning of every workshop I give, ‘I’m terrible at stillness and silence but I know it is worthwhile.’ I’m not sure where to next. Moving into leadership of a primary school brings new priorities but the long weeks and stressful days reinforce the need for practices that assist my own wellbeing in order to support the wellbeing of my staff and students. Let’s see what happens.

Stealing contemplative moments with students – article in pdf form.


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