SCS newsletter musing week 10

Wow. What a great musical performance we were treated to last Thursday night! It was a joy to be sitting by the side of the stage seeing the students show off their many talents and abilities in order to tell a very important story.

My thanks go to all the students, parents and staff who helped bring the performance to life. A special mention must be made of our director who led the production. Her passion and vision made the musical the success it was.

As I had a quiet cup of tea and a scotch finger (the biscuit of choice for every principal) following the performance I was reflecting on the vision God had for the world in the beginning and how the great flood ‘rebooted’ creation back to something closer to the original form. As the devotion above highlights – obedience to God is not so much about God but about us avoiding the things that can and do ruin our lives.

In the great flood God washed the earth clean and brought a new beginning. Somewhat like the waters of baptism do through the sacrifice of Christ.

It is a great feeling to wake up each morning knowing that this day is a new creation and another chance to love God and his people as much as we can.

May God bless us all.

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