SCS newsletter musing week 6

As the students in our 5/6 class received their pen licence this week I had a moment to pause and remember this momentous occasion from my own schooling.

To be more precise – I recall the lack of an official pen licence. Yes, it is true. The Interim Principal of SCS never received his official pen licence as a primary school student. The cause of my lack of official document testifying to my abilities as a handwriter was probably my late developing fine motor control skills for which I received support over a period of years.

As I carefully pen another handwritten note on my desk I think back and wish that I had mastered this skill to a high level of perfection as a younger person. This is so often the case isn’t it? We only realise the value of something long after the time to develop it fully and more easily has passed.

As we move into another week it is a worthy thought to think on. Young people are often told to work on a skill long before the time arrives when they will desperately need it. How can we encourage them in these situations? How can we help them see the value in everything they are learning?

May God help us support the young people in our care.

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