SCS newsletter musing week 5

I had the pleasure last week of attending a gathering of Lutheran principals from the South Eastern Region. It was a great time of fellowship, inspiration and learning from each other as we shared about the different schools that we lead.

One of the thoughts that stuck with me was from a professor who showed that the secret to a long life was not just about a good diet and lots of exercise.

In his study the biggest key indicator of people living long fulfilling lives was something  he called “gfh”.

G – gratitude
F –  forgiveness
H – humour

I reflected on this a great deal as I travelled back home and thought about this in the context of what I see with our preps here at SCS. When I see them playing in the yard they demonstrate this often. When one of them knocks the other there is quick forgiveness and they are off playing again.

I see the gratitude of all of them when our P/1 teacher opens the door for lunch and they all come tumbling out into the yard to enjoy being outside.

I see their humour – finding mirth in simple things, like my often bright ties.

May God grant us all the spirit of preps. Blessings.

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