#DAN2013 conference presentation: Jesus and Paul as teachers of intercultural understanding and critical/creative thinking

Wow…what a great first day at the DAN conference. As promised, here is a copy of my text and slides from my workshop presentation. Please have a look and let me know if there are small errors in the text/slides – this was finalised rather quickly before I jumped on a plane to Melbourne.

TBrennen – The third way – Jesus and Paul as teachers of critical and creative thinking – slides

TBrennen – The third way – Jesus and Paul as teachers of critical and creative thinking – text

Thank you to all who attended my presentation and for the great questions and feedback. I have added some questions (reproduced below) which I hope capture some of the thoughts and questions following the session. As I said in the opening of the session – this is intended to be a starting point. I hope these questions will be taken up and explored further.

  • Where do absolutes fit in to third way thinking? Does this type of thinking destroy them completely? Can we teach both at the same time?
  • Did Jesus also teach ‘both/and’ thinking? What does this mean for third way thinking?
  • How is third way thinking different to universalism or extreme Christian liberalism?
  • When are students ready to ‘graduate’ from binary thinking to third way thinking? When do we start teaching it?
  • Is third way thinking a poor way of dealing with complex texts? Does it dismiss important in depth text analysis?

People also asked about where the design for the powerpoint came from. Short answer – I went looking for tips for creating nice looking presentations and followed the ideas. (You will also notice that I stole some of the fonts, layout and colour palatte as well as the advice).

For the word clouds – http://www.wordle.net/. Old but good. Still makes a point quite well.


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