Back in Adelaide (for a while)

My wife and I have been back home in Australia for about 2 weeks now and things are strange. The world moves so fast, everything is so clean…and expensive.

I look forward to working as Principal of Sunshine Christian School in Melbourne – a lovely little school with a very interesting history. The school has a very multicultural student body which fits well with my experiences over the last 18 months with working with African refugees in Cairo.

This new job means a move from our home in Adelaide – a first for me. My wife is an ‘army brat’ who lived in many different parts of Australia before settling in Adelaide.

It is a great deal of change very fast. It was only 3 weeks ago that I was sitting in my office in Cairo dealing with the daily run of crises. Today I am sitting at a desk looking out over the beautiful nature strip as I work and not a crisis in sight.

Next week I am sharing a little about my experiences in Cairo and the importance of teaching critical thinking through religious studies at the DAN conference. I am looking forward to this a great deal.


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